Top 5 Guitars You Need To Get The Beatles Sound

The Beatles' sound has long been emulated and modified by musicians who came after them, the key is the guitars. The Beatles made use of some of the finest guitars available and today, through re-issue, the guitar companies have made available these guitars for those who want the Beatles sound.

1.       Rickenbacker 325.

John Lennon’s guitar of choice through the early years of the Beatles. From 1961 to 1965, Lennon used the Rickenbacker exclusively on stage and in the studio.

George Harrison used the Country Gent on stage and in the studio during the early touring years of the Beatles. Adding that extra dimension to the sound of their early hits like She Loves You and I Saw Her Standing There.

3.       Epiphone Casino.

Paul McCartney was the first Beatle to get one of these guitars and quickly used it to play lead in the studio on classic tracks such as ‘Ticket to Ride’ and ‘Taxman’. John and George followed suit, John using his Casino up until the band broke up in 1969.

4.       Gibson J160E.

This acoustic guitar was favoured by John and George all throughout the Beatles career, being used both on stage and in the studio and appearing on tracks such as ‘This Boy’ and ‘I Feel Fine’.

5.       Hofner 500/1 Bass.

As bass guitars go, you can’t get more iconic than this one. The Hofner is the bass most associated with Paul McCartney and was featured on all of the Beatles early live and studio sound. Macca still has this bass today and uses it in all his live shows.

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