TRENDING: Tassel Earrings

Credit: Carrie A

Tassel Earrings are trending.  You heard it here first.  Go out and find some.  Bye.  Only joking.  We've done it for you!  As soon as we caught wind of the trend, we knew we needed to scour the interwebs and the find the best ones to bring back to you, and that is exactly what we've done.

Try Audible, Get 2 Free Audiobooks

Credit: Johan Larsson

We love listening to books while we're working, cleaning house, taking a walk, etc.  Audiobooks are also terrific for long car journeys.  We finished the entire Harry Potter series, all while traveling in the car.  Listening to a book in the car is like watching a movie together.  Everyone gets to laugh and cry and share the same experience.  And, listening to books doesn't cause car sickness!  Audiobooks are also great for multi-tasking.  Don't have time to read the latest mystery novel?  Pop it on while you're cleaning house.  Then, you finish all your tasks, but you're still in the know when you go to dinner with your friends and they begin talking about whodunnit.

Doctor Who - Tom Baker - The Fourth Doctor

Jelly Baby?: Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor
When Tom Baker took on the role of the Doctor, many were unsure about him but he quickly made the role his own. With his voice that has been described as 'sonorous' and his manic, off-beat humour, audience numbers sky-rocketed to a number that hadn't been seen since the 'Dalekmania' that had hit Britain during William Hartnell's tenure. Baker's Doctor was also the first to be seen in the United States, when it was broadcast on PBS.

As such, Baker's Doctor is still widely considered the definitive Doctor Who, of the classic and modern series. As the longest serving Doctor, his long coat, multi-coloured scarf and floppy hat is the most recognizable. 

His personality and style made him the most unpredictable. He was a bit more of an alien than his previous incarnations. His manner, his obsession with jelly babies, all contributed to his long lasting imprint of the Doctor's image. Indeed, many fans of the Doctor utilize the Fourth's outfit at conventions.

For those wanting to revisit the Tom Baker years, you can buy his collections here.

Tom retired from the role in 1981, regenerating into the Fifth Doctor, played by the young Peter Davison. It's interesting to note that Tom distanced himself from the role for a number of years after he stepped down. Refusing to appear for 1983's 20 year anniversary 'The Five Doctors' after originally agreeing to take part so production had to edit footage of him together and then there was the infamous publicity shot of a mannequin of Baker with Richard Hurndall, Troughton, Pertwee and Davison.

Discover Your Family's Story with AncestryDNA

Being the genealogy nerd that I am, the gift of Ancestry is always a good option for me, no matter the holiday or occasion.  But, not everyone is into doing research on their family history.  Or, perhaps you are someone, or maybe you know someone, who already knows who their ancestors are, but isn't quite sure where they came from.  Well, you're in luck.

With this link, you can take 10%'s AncestryDNA kit.  After you order your kit, it will arrive in the mail within a few days.  Then, you simply send back your saliva in one of the special tubes they provide for you, and unlock your family's rich cultural past.  Thought you were Native American?  Surprise!  You're actually Eastern European!  Every family has a story.  Find out yours today!

Let's Twist Again with the Simply Fit Board

We recently purchased the "As Seen on TV" Simply Fit Board, and let me just say, I'm not usually one for the infomercials, but I saw a commercial for this one night and thought it looked like a lot of fun, so when I saw it in the store the next day, I couldn't resist.

TRENDING: Straw Bags

Credit / License

We are absolutely loving straw bags right now.  We know it's a bit cliche, being Summer and all, but guess what?  These bags are so fabulous we don't care!  So, pull up a beach chair, grab a mai tai and ooh and aah with us, because you're going to love these bags as much as we do.

Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee - The Third Doctor (1970 - 1974)

Reverse the Polarity: Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor
At the end of the serial 'The War Games' The Doctor was forcibly regenerated by the Time Lords and sentenced to exile on Earth. We never saw the regeneration on screen, just Troughton disappearing in the War Games in 1969 and then in 1970 at the beginning of Spearhead From Space, Jon Pertwee emerging from the TARDIS and face-planting in a field.

Softball Pitching and Fielding Machine - Fun for the Family!

Recently, we were at my niece's softball All Stars tournament, and in between games, we saw the coach of one of the older girls' teams using this machine to pull the softball back and then catapult it into the distance to help the girls practice their fielding.  Now, you could just bat the ball out toward the girls, of course, but this machine seemed to make so much better use of your practice time, as you could load one ball right after another at whatever pace you wanted.  Needless to say, all the dads of the girls on my niece's team thought this machine was the be-all and end-all of fielding practice, and if I'm being perfectly honest, I thought it was pretty cool too.  I mean, you could really give your dog a work out in the park with this machine!  Or even, work off dinner running yourself silly chasing after balls.