From a Certain Point of View

On October 3, a book will come out, that I am predicting will be one of the hottest books of the Christmas season.  Hardcore Star Wars fans already know what I'm talking about, and they've already pre-ordered the brand new science fiction book, 40 Stories Celebrating 40 Years of Star Wars From A Different Point of View.

Windsor Castle - England's Royal Residence

Windsor Castle as viewed from the long walk at sunset, November 2006.

Windsor Castle is part of the Crown Estate and has been a Royal residence since the 1070s, when William the Conqueror built it. William was proclaimed King of England after the Norman invasion of 1066. At first, it wasn't really used as a Royal residence but future Kings made improvements and built on to the castle and made it what it is today. It survived the English Civil War and was used as a prison for Charles I during that time. Windsor Castle has been the residence for 39 Monarchs but during the reign of George IV is when it got its classic skyline.

Beatles Find: Beat Bugs

Jay is the mischievous beetle in the Beat Bugs

The Beat Bugs are the creation of Josh Wakely, who heard 'All You Need Is Love' on the radio one day and thought up the concept of these little garden bugs learning life lessons with the backdrop of Beatles songs. A perfect idea for a children's television show!

Game of Thrones Animated Spinoff?

Credit: Twipzdeeauilia 2014

Recently I was reading about this new Game of Thrones spinoff that is, apparently, included when you pre-order the GoT Season 7 Blu-ray (out December 12).  Now, I don't see anything mentioned about Conquest & Rebellion, the new animated (say what?) miniseries, on the Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season page on Amazon, but I'm assuming Amazon is where you'll be able to acquire the new spinoff, which is meant to tide us all over between now and the last season of GoT.  Animated though?  I wasn't convinced.

Are You Ready To Visit England?

The St. George Cross Flag is the official flag of England.

So, we hear you're planning a trip to England, in the United Kingdom. It's your first time there and you have no idea what to expect. Here are some questions you might be asking yourself:

TRENDING: Pearl Earrings

By Johannes Vermeer, c. 1665 Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands

Let's face it, pearl earrings have never not been trending.  They've been popular, probably since earrings were invented. (I'm guessing.  It's not like I was there.)  They're absolutely classic.  Timeless.  There are literally works of art based on women in pearls.  (Girl with a Pearl Earring, anyone?)  But, for whatever reason, they're super back right now... again.  And, know what?  We're okay with that.

What To Pack for an Autumn Trip to Andalucia, Spain

By Danielmlg86 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 es], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the first things I noticed when I went to Southern Spain last autumn was that everyone was bundled up like it was the dead of winter.  Now, I'm from the southern United States, so the temperature in Málaga in November, really reminded me of weather back home during the same time of year (maybe a tad cooler).  But, had I asked Spaniards what I should pack before I traveled there, I would've packed boots and a winter coat, neither of which were really necessary.  So, what should you pack?  Well, whether you've never been to Spain (but you kinda like the music), or perhaps have just never been to Andalucía at this time of year, we're here to help.

Proper English Trifle Recipe

A typical Trifle has layers.
If you're Rachel Green, you learn how to make trifle the hard way. It's just what you do. Everyone has seen that Friends episode 'The One Where Ross Got High' and if Ross's proclamation that it 'tastes like feet' is anything to go by, you know you need to stay away from her recipe and try this one instead...