Gift Idea: Jelly Babies

Who doesn't love a good munch on Jelly Babies? Maybe some people you know have never had them? The soft, squishy, jelly filled treat is extremely popular in the British isles and was ranked as Britain's 6th favourite sweet. (Fizzy Cola Bottles coming number one!)

Bassets, who are the best known and original producer of the sweet, came up with a uniqe marketing method in 1989 where there were individual names and shapes for each Jelly Baby. These are;

Brilliant (red - strawberry)
Bubbles (yellow - lemon)
Baby Bonny (pink - raspberry)
Boofuls (green - lime)
Bigheart (purple - blackcurrant) 
Bumper (orange)
Bassett's Jelly Babies
Bassett's Jelly Babies
Are you a fan of Jelly Babies? Would these be a great addition to a Christmas stocking?

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