Daniel Craig: Is He Back As Bond?

Craig as the premiere for 'Spectre' in 2015.

Daniel Craig will be officially the longest serving James Bond now if he remains as James Bond for the next film. He revealed on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he will be returning as James Bond, but this will be his last film.

It was reported that on a Boston radio show the next day, however, that he revealed the decision is still up in the air and he's not made a commitment and it's a personal decision and not holding out for more money.

Craig might be thinking that he doesn't want to be typecast as Bond but it's a little late for that now. His fellow 007 Roger Moore was infamous for saying he wouldn't be returning for future films beginning with 1981's For Your Eyes Only but would eventually be called back until he finally quit the role in 1985. Here are the longest serving James Bond actors as of February 2017:

1. Roger Moore – 5,118 days
2. Daniel Craig – 4,147 days
3. Pierce Brosnan – 4,146 days
4. Sean Connery – 3,049 days
5. Timothy Dalton – 2,863 days
6. George Lazenby – 875 days

Obviously George and Timothy come in in the bottom slots with George and Timothy doing one and two films respectively. People might be surprised to see Brosnan being a longer serving actor than Connery. Connery quit the role in 1967, returned to it in 1971 and quit again and then came back for the non-EON production 'Never Say Never Again' in 1983, which was his final outing as 007. 

With Roger sadly departing us earlier this year, Daniel looks set to replace him as the longest serving actor...or does he? If he decides out of the blue to say goodbye to the Aston Martin after Bond 25 then Roger may still be the longest serving actor.

But do we want Daniel to keep going? My personal feeling is if this is his last and there's a nod to Roger in the film, it should be a re-visit to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Roger's final battle as 007 was there, Daniel's last could be too.

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