Christmas Specials And Films On TV

Some of our favourite TV dramas and comedies spoil us with specials around the Christmas period and while this is common on British TV, US TV seems to not really engage in the practice. On Christmas Day, there is nothing really to enjoy on the networks except repeats of films like Home Alone and other films. The biggest TV shows of the year are off the air for the season in the US on the day itself.

Though American TV has its own traditions, such as TCM repeating 'A Christmas Story' for the entire day of Christmas. It's quite something to behold when I first moved here. A channel, showing back to back repeat showings of a Christmas film.

Another festive favourite is Home Alone, with the sequel 'Lost In New York' being probably the most popular of the two original films starring Macaulay Culkin.

But, for many, Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas film. It has a man who's just trying to get home to his family and is put under pressure by Alan Rickman and his band of terrorists at Christmas. What's more Christmassy than that?

What are your favourite Christmas films or specials? Tell us in the comments below!

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