Tofurkey - Is It Actually Good?

There are more and more people choosing to go vegetarian these days, maybe you are or you are having someone over who is and are wondering what to give them on Christmas day for dinner. Maybe you decided to take the plunge and forsake an actual turkey for the polarizing Tofurkey.

Now, Tofurkey isn't exactly a new thing. The company 'Tofurky' have been creating a range of veggie goods since 1980. There are many big companies that specialize in vegetarian meatless products. Quorn are one, as are Linda McCartney.

Vegetarianism has yet to really take off in the US as it seems to have done in the UK. This could be partly due to the numbers of vegetarians in the UK rising as a result of the shortages of rationing during World War II.

But is Tofurkey as good as the real thing? My personal experience is yes, it's every bit as tasty as the real bird but there are a lot out there who prefer eating the real thing. Eating Tofurkey is a lot healthier, though and it is full of protein that you'd normally find in meat.

Have you eaten Tofurkey? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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